Institutional Accreditation
Accreditation is a mark of quality. Newcastle has been accredited by The DETC . The DETC is a recognized independent accrediting body in the UK and USA.

Being accredited by the DETC validates that our institution lives its mission, operates with integrity, offers programs that focus on student learning, hires faculty that are academically qualified, and provides the resources and support necessary for our students to succeed. Through the regional accreditation process, both quality assurance and continuous improvement are evaluated.

State of Delaware
Newcastle is Licensed by the State of Delaware.

Specialized Accreditation
Specialized accreditation is given to a college, school, or specific degree program within a university, most often for professional programs that lead to certification or licensure. To receive this type of accreditation, the college, school, or program must demonstrate that it has relevant content, qualified faculty, and adequate resources to meet rigorous accreditation standards set for a specific field, discipline, or profession. By earning this accreditation, the specific program, school, or college demonstrates that it has met the standards that prepare students for advancement in the field.

Newcastle is proud to have earned specialized accreditations from the following organizations:

Social Work — Council on Social Work Education

Education — National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education