Overseas Student Registration

The Newcastle verification ACT 2014 signed and approved the Eligibility of Newcastle Verification Act (NLUA) (4-59-10 et seq.) that became effective on January 1, 2014 for all students applying for admission for terms beginning January 2014 or prior to 2000 and later.  The University requires online verification of overseas students to be registered on the overseas register of the university.  The term “Overseas Register” requires a student to pay for this service US$375.00 a onetime registration fee.

All international students who have completed their program at an Overseas Affiliated Centre or Institute must directly write to the university if their graduation date is more then 12 months ago. Affiliated Centres are not responsible for completing this process on behalf of their students.

Note: Once the notice of payment is sent to the student and the student does not make the payment in 3 working days. The late fee penalty will double the amount.

All employers and institutions must pay US$375.00 plus Tax for obtaining student verification of all overseas students. The university will release students details only once the student provides signed student’s information release form.

Failure to pay the dues within a prescribed deadline of 7 days from the date you have received the email. 


Who can verify copies for you?

For University Registrar documents/ qualifications only:


·         The official records department of the institution that originally issued the document/s.

·         The Office of the Registrar

For International documents/qualification:


·         Your employed agent submitting your application and documents on your behalf.

·         Embassy official

·         High Commission or Trade Mission official

·         Public Notary

·         County Clerk 





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