Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

If your goal is moving ahead in your career, our MBA programs1 can be a key to your success. With a comprehensive curriculum covering theoretical knowledge such as corporate management practices and business enterprise integration, as well as practical skills like analysis, communications, integration and teamwork, our MBA programs can give graduates the confidence to rise to the top of their fields.

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) Board of Commissioners has granted accreditation to Newcastle University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.* DETC is one of three major accrediting agencies for business schools and is a leading specialized accrediting agency for business education. This recognition certifies that programs offered through Newcastle University's College of Business & Management meet the rigorous educational standards established by DETC.

MBA Program - Graduation Requirements

Total program length varies based on the number of courses taken per session, with sessions lasting 8 weeks. That means that if you take 1 class per session, you could complete your degree program in as few as 32 months.

Choose the path that fits your goals

You can focus your MBA program with a concentration in one of the 17 specific areas and take a mix of electives and concentration courses that matches your career interests and goals, or you can choose to take all of your elective courses in a variety of career fields.

MBA with Concentration

Total credit hours: 48

Required program: 30

Concentration courses: 12

Elective: 6

- or -


Total credit hours: 48

Required program: 30

Elective: 18

MBA Coursework

We've designed the coursework in our degree program to equip you with the core competencies you need to make an impact in the business world.

Click on a course name below for its full description.

·         Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis (ACCT504) - 3 credit hours

·         Applied Managerial Statistics (MATH533) - 3 credit hours

·         Leadership and Organizational Behavior (MGMT591) - 3 credit hours

·         Managerial Applications of Information Technology (MIS535) - 3 credit hours

·         Marketing Management (MKTG522) - 3 credit hours

·         Managerial Finance (FIN515) - 3 credit hours

·         Managerial Accounting (ACCT505) - 3 credit hours

·         Legal, Political and Ethical Dimensions of Business (MGMT520) - 3 credit hours

·         Business Economics (ECON545) - 3 credit hours

·         Business Planning Seminar (MGMT600) - 3 credit hours

Capstone Course: Business Planning Seminar

The Capstone Course is a culmination of your prior coursework and is often taken toward the end of your program. It gives you the opportunity to utilize the hard-earned knowledge and skills you've developed as a Keller student in a real-world setting, whether that's at your current workplace or by developing and implementing a business plan. Each year, the most outstanding and successful Capstone Project in its category is recognized with an achievement award.

Elective courses (18 credit hours)

You can focus your Master of Business Administration with a concentration in one of the 17 specific areas and take a mix of electives (6 credit hours) and concentration courses (12 credit hours) that matches your career interests and goals. If you choose not to pursue a specific concentration, you can take all of your elective courses (18 credit hours) in a variety of career fields. Students may choose any electives for which they meet the prerequisites. Download the Academic Catalog below and view "Course Offerings" for a complete list of courses that could satisfy your elective requirements.

On campus and online

For those students who need the flexibility of studying online to balance work, school and life, but also want a classroom experience, we offer a mix of both on campus and online learning. Take some courses online and some at a location convenient for you, whichever best fits your schedule.

Tuition, fees and expenses
Master of Business Administration1

  • Total Required Credit Hours: 48
  • Number of Standard Three-Semester-Credit Hour Courses: 16
  • Tuition per Standard Three-Semester-Credit Hour Course: $2,298
  • Textbook and Materials Expense2: $2,800

See payment options

Note: Tuition for Canadian residents enrolled in U.S.-based programs delivered online is charged in Canadian dollars at rates shown.
† Effective beginning July 2012.
1 Availability varies by location.
2 At average estimated per-course expense for textbooks and materials of $175; average estimated per-course expense does not apply to exam-prep courses, the per-credit-hour cost for which includes textbook and materials expense.

Experience the real value of a graduate education

Not only will you be learning skills that could help you rise to the top of your field, you'll also be gaining a valuable credential that may affect your entire career. A graduate education could change your earning potential, ability to be promoted and more.

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