More than 250 strong, UNC faculty are distinguished leaders in their fields. They have conducted research that has had an impact on organizations and economies on every continent, helped establish business Colleges, educated thousands of international business leaders, and written thousands of books, papers, and cases. Today, at any given time, there are UNC researchers at work in more than 40 countries.


All UNC Doctoral Programs are designed to facilitate research above all other activities. While students are required to fulfill a teaching requirement, they are not required to become research assistants, nor are they required to write business cases. And a full scholarship and generous stipend help cover costs and ensure that students have more time to pursue research.


The research resources at UNC are unmatched by any other College. Research facilities include the Online Library—one of the world's largest and most respected business libraries—and the Faculty Research Computing Center. UNC doctoral students also have access to research facilities throughout Newcastle University and neighboring MIT.


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