Master of Science in Emergency Services Management


Masters in Emergency Services Management.  The Master of Science in Emergency Services Management has evolved into a program designed to produce an educated, multi-disciplined, proactive group of professionals who must evaluate risk analysis and prevention, secure communications reliability, and provide for mitigation along with economic and social recovery in the face of disastrous natural or man-made catastrophic events.

Emergency managers shoulder a great deal of responsibility during emergencies. They must understand the risks in a variety of emergency situations and be prepared to act as soon as trouble and disaster arises and threatens the public and our communities. The bottom line is that the emergency manager is the one who is counted on to deal with unpredictable, dangerous and sometimes catastrophic situations, and to address such situations in a fashion that minimizes risk to responders and the public alike. This program provides professional leaders in the fire science, criminal justice, safety and environmental fields with the knowledge base to assume Emergency Management roles in the federal, state, county, private corporate or consulting sectors of our economic and business infrastructure.

Estimated time of completion of this program is 3 years.


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Graduates will successfully complete 37 semester hours outlined below

Semester Hours

MS Student Orientation                1

Core Courses     36

Total      37


Master of Science in Emergency Services Management                 37

LUS 5100 - Learning Strategies for Success            1

JOS 6801 - Emergency Management       3

JSE 6201 - Homeland Security     3

JCJ 6374 - Special Topics in Criminology   3

JCJ 6453 - Global Terrorism          3

JSE 5201 - Advanced Fire Administration                3

JOS 5425 - Advanced Toxicology                3

JSE 6301 - Risk Management       3

NC2SE 5101 - Legal Aspects of Emergency Services Management              3

NC2HS 5201 - Weapons of Mass Destruction       3

NC2SE 5301 - Interagency Disaster Management               3

NC2OS 5640 - Advanced Interactions of Hazardous Materials       3

NC2SE 6701 - Case Studies in Natural and Man Made Disasters   3


Total 37 Semester Hours


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