Being a paramedic practitioner is a highly rewarding and stimulating career, with many opportunities to specialise. You will be working in the unpredictable environment of pre-hospital healthcare and as such you will learn how to be dynamic with your decision-making, aptitude and application of skills.

  • Experience placements in emergency departments, minor injury units, paediatric areas, cardiology areas and many more
  • Access our fully equipped clinical skills suites, online resources, excellent library and IT facilities
  • Our experienced teaching team have a range of academic and clinical areas of special interest and research.
  • Our curriculum focusses on quality patient management
  • We embrace about innovative ways to avoid unnecessary admissions of patients to Emergency Departments following the Right care at the Right time in the Right place by the Right person initiatives.
  • Develop leadership and management skills 

Develop a knowledge base for working in emergency health in the community, learning safe practice, patient assessment and management skills, professional issues, communication abilities and response to major incidents. You will complete 60 credit hours of clinical placement time. 


Core modules

·          Foundations of Pre-Hospital Patient Care

     ·          Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

     ·          Practice Portfolio 1

     ·          Preparation for Practice

     ·          Safe Systems of Work in Clinical Practice

     ·         Acute Cardiac Care

Learn how to improve decision-making skills, increase understanding of altered anatomy and physiology, pharmacological and medical, trauma and cardiac cases, obstetric, paediatric, and elderly groups for advanced clinical skills of patient management.



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