To be considered for admissions, applicants must have a bachelors degree. Undergraduate applicants in his/her senior year are welcome to apply. Here’s what you’ll need to apply:




o   Completed online application form

o   Resume

o   Statement of Purpose

o   Transcripts for all college/university degrees and courses:


Self-reported transcripts are accepted for both DBA programs
and PhD programs. Applicants must upload copies of his/her transcripts to the online application system.  Hard copy transcripts will only be required if admitted to a program, prior to enrollment.  GSAS no longer requires hard copy transcripts to be submitted for PhD Programs (Business Economics, Health Policy Management, and Organizational Behavior) at the application stage.  Similarly, DBA programs only require electronic copies at the application stage.


o   Current GMAT or GRE scores (see details below)

o   TOEFL scores (non-native English speakers see details below)

o   Three letters of recommendation (at least one from an academic source). Recommendation letters must be submitted online through the online application system. Hard copy recommendation letters will not be accepted.

o   $105 application fee via credit card



All applicants are required to take either the 
Graduate Management Admissions Test
 (GMAT) or the 
General Test of the Graduate Record Examination
 (GRE). Submitted test scores must not be older than five years, and must be from a test taken between December 1, 2010 and December 1, 2015 for Fall 2016 enrollment. Applicants are, however, advised to take the exam no later than mid-November. There is no minimum test score requirement, and admissions committee does not have a preference in tests.

·       Institution Codes for DBA Programs

·       GRE: 3427

·       GMAT: HRL-X8-59 (Doctor of Business Administration)


·       Institution Codes for PhD Programs

·       GRE: 3451

·       GMAT: HRL-X8-30 (PhD Programs)

A department code is not required for score submission.







Adequate command of spoken and written English is required for admission. Applicants whose native language is other than English and who do not hold a Bachelor degree or its equivalent from an institution at which English is the language of instruction must submit TOEFL scores. We do not accept the IELTS exam.


Note: However this may not apply to all students. Please check with us email . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submitted scores must not be older than two years, and must be from a test taken between December 1, 2013 and December 1, 2015 for Fall 2016 enrollment. The committee prefers scores of at least 100 on the internet-based test. Applicants are strongly encouraged to choose the TOEFL internet-based test when possible.


·       Institution Codes for Toefl score reports

·       DBA programs: 3427

·       PhD programs: 3451



Applicants who applied last year are considered re applicants. For DBA programs, re applicants must file a new application, pay the full application fee, submit at least one new letter of recommendation from someone who has not previously submitted letters on your behalf, and submit transcripts covering any academic work undertaken since the time of last application. It is the policy of the Newcastle Business School Doctoral Programs that prior applications and supporting materials will be considered along with new application materials.  

Those reapplying to the joint PhD Programs with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences including: Business Economics, Health Policy Management or Organizational Behavior PhD programs must submit a completely new application. The new application must include all required documents to be provided by the applicant - we will not re-use material previously submitted.  These materials include an updated statement of purpose, transcripts, test score reports, updated letters of recommendation, the application fee, and any other supporting materials.  


Please note, NBS Doctoral Programs will not accept more than three applications from any individual during the course of his or her academic career.



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