NEWCASTLE Scholarships

A scholarship can make your degree even more affordable.


Great news! Through the generosity of numerous corporations and foundations, plus special federal government appropriations, UNC maintains a robust program of scholarships made available to qualified students.

Scholarships are one of the many ways in which UNC removes obstacles from your path to achieving your education goals and improving your career opportunities. It’s part of our investment in the future of our students.

Available Scholarships for new students are limited to overseas students

The following scholarships are available for new UNC students, depending upon specific eligibility requirements for the particular scholarship. Students are eligible to apply for these scholarships during the enrollment process and up to 60 days after starting a degree program.

In addition to the scholarships on this page, there are a limited number of scholarships, not described on this page, available only to current students.

(To learn more about or to apply for a specific scholarship, click on the specific scholarship name below.)


This is a competitive program and scholarships will be awarded based on a candidate’s academic record, readiness for online study at UNC, current competency, and other considerations.


Before monies are distributed, the scholarship recipients must read the UNC Student Handbook and agree to and understand the academic progress, tuition, and refund policies. The student will also be required to agree to the UNC Scholarship Terms and Conditions before monies will be awarded. The student must also meet the university’s On Time Progress requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility. Each student can only be awarded one scholarship that is funded or administered through UNC during their degree program. Recipients must be NON U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens.

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